Caring Beauty With Natural Ingredients

Natural fresh ingredients that we often find in the kitchen can be used for beauty care. Besides easily accessible, inexpensive and nutritious prime, natural gift is far from the adverse side effects. That may exist in the form of chemical cosmetics.

Many types of facial cleanser that can be found in the kitchen, a piece of potato dibekah into two parts and then rubbed on the skin, skin cleanser yan will be either in addition to milk and yogurt.

Several kinds of natural materials


Water containing astrigen cucumber, so it is good for oily skin, but it also acts as a bleach cucumber. Meanwhile, the cut can reduce eyestrain. To use grated cucumber tonic that has been filtered. Apply enough liquids to the entire face using a cotton net.

To use the bleach half of grated cucumber, then mix with two tablespoons of milk immediately. Dab on the face around the neck, leave on for a while and then rinsed with clean water.

To overcome the fatigue, take a medium-sized cucumber, cut and mash in a blender, mix two tablespoons of milk powder and egg whites. Apply this mixture on face and neck, leave for 30 minutes then wash with warm water.


For acne prone skin, use a carrot mask. Select a nice orange carrots, grated and mash with the blender. This facial mask is applied to the skin with acne for 20-30 minutes, then wash with warm water.

We know that carrots contain beta carotene is good for health properties. Actually there are many more ingredients from the kitchen that can be used as cosmetics. Besides using natural cosmetic ingredients from outside, can also provide cosmetic ingredients from nature, namely by consuming fresh fruit and vegetables setiapnhari. This will help care for your skin beauty.

Celery leaves

Celery-leaved smooth and long-stemmed, has a distinctive aroma. Efficacious breed and discolor hair, thus preventing hair loss changed. After shampooing, take a fresh celery leaves, squeeze and rub into the skin to light while doing massage. Take a few moments, then rinsed.

If you was thin, poor appetite, make celery juice. Halukasn celery leaves, add water and filtered. A half cup of celery mixed feelings honey, can arouse the appetite, so your body is more contained (tanpan or sexy).

Leaf Lettuce

Lettuce if viewed at a glance like a leafy radish flowers. Contains material that can soothe the skin, since it can be used for tired skin, so that the muscles become relaxed again.

Can eliminate or reduce tension lines on the skin. Eat the lettuce as much as possible, either as a salad or in a mixture of other foods.


Potatoes have properties make tired eyes shining again and can eliminate swelling in the eye. Parutlah potatoes and enter into a clean thin cloth (muslin or cloth) and kompreskan to the eyelid.

Use fresh grated potatoes. Potato juice, strawberry juice, as is also often used for skin cleansing as well as cucumbers and milk.

There are many other natural ingredients that are beneficial to kencatikan and health of our bodies that must be excavated.